Second flood of COVID-19 in Bangladesh and concerns

As indicated by the World Health Organization (WHO), for the main rush of COVID-19 to be finished, the quantity of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 needs to dip under 5%. Bangladesh's current information says the disease rate is as yet above 10%. So the principal wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh is proceeding and the pace of disease is expanding somewhat.

For what reason is the disease rate actually expanding? The appropriate response most likely is we have gotten loose, or depleted, or both. Tragically, nine months of COVID-19 contamination has gone, yet we are not acclimated with utilizing veils and hand washing. The topic of social separating is far away. 

Over half of individuals who are outside the home don't utilize a cover. Out of which over half don't have a clue how to utilize the cover appropriately, the greater part of their nose is uncovered, so improperly utilizing veil doesn't give them any security. Cleanser and water are effectively accessible in our nation however we are hesitant to wash our hands. During winter the majority of the get-togethers happen, similar to marriage, going for the travel industry, and in each event, there is an enormous social occasion of individuals so the infection sends without any problem. Another reason for the spread of contamination in winter likely is, the novel Covid can stay noticeable all around for a significant stretch inside encased rooms and individuals keep the entryways and windows shut during winter. 

The quantity of contaminations is ascending in numerous chilly nations as the colder time of year draws near. So we can expect that the flare-up may flood here in the coming winter. Washing hands with cleanser and water are one of the key cleanliness rules to decrease the danger of disease, yet individuals will in general avoid water during winter, so that may likewise encourage the spread of viral contamination. 

Luckily, winter as a rule is generally short in Bangladesh, yet and still, after all that brings various kinds of illnesses, for example, fever, cold, hack, pneumonia and respiratory contaminations, cold the runs, eye aggravation and dermatological issues.

To handle the coming circumstance, the public authority of Bangladesh has made some certain strides like the individuals who are coming from abroad should have a COVID-19 negative testament else they will be isolated for about fourteen days. Solid and severe observing is required. Covers must be utilized appropriately while outside the home, else, they should be punished. 

For COVID-19, information to date recommend that 80% of diseases are mellow or asymptomatic, 15% are serious contaminations, requiring oxygen and 5% are basic diseases, requiring ventilation. The reason for death because of COVID-19 are either lung harm or coagulopathy. At times sepsis or septic stun is additionally dependable. 

The more seasoned populace with comorbidity surrender to death all the more as often as possible. Bangladesh is sufficiently fortunate to have a lower demise rate in contrast with different nations yet shockingly, the passing pace of specialists, medical attendants and paramedics are extremely high, presumably the most noteworthy on the planet. 

We are holding trust that a powerful immunization will come soon to offer alleviation to the entire world. If it's not too much trouble keep up wellbeing cleanliness, guard yourself as well as other people. 

The creator is a Professor of Pediatrics at Community Based Medical College, Mymensingh.