Govt to settle rundown of martyred learned people by one year from now

The public authority took a choice on a fundamental level to remember names of 1,222 individuals for the martyred scholarly people list. 

The freedom war undertakings service advisory group after its lady meeting today likewise concluded that it would set a meaning of martyred educated people who were fiercely killed by the Pakistan armed force and their neighborhood associates during the 1971 Liberation War in the following gathering. 

The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs on November 19 framed a 11-part advisory group including political dissidents, freedom war scientists, and government authorities to make and investigate the rundown. 

Freedom War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque said the board of trustees will finish a meaning of martyred savvy people in its next gathering prone to be held in January. 

He said that the board affirmed 1,222 names for the essential rundown.

"An aggregate of 1070 names will be taken from names accessible with the service and 152 from postal stamps gave for the sake of martyred erudite people in various occasions," he added. 

Mozammel said they are hoping to finish the rundown inside one year from now when Bangladesh will commend 50 years of autonomy. 

The panel will consider martyred learned people qualified for the rundown who were murdered between March 25, 1971 and January 31, 1972.