MARTYRED INTELLECTUALS DAY TODAY Posting Martyred Intellectuals: It starts, finally

They were the nation's driving scholarly people who were the controlling light for Bangalees. These most brilliant children and girls of the dirt were instrumental in the mass developments against the divergence and oppressive proportions of the Pakistani rulers and added to the 1971 Liberation War endeavors. 

In any case, confronted with looming rout, the Pakistan armed force, helped by their toady neighborhood teammates, arranged and ruthlessly murdered them to handicap the future country mentally so it would never stand tall. 

Tragically, 49 years after the nation's autonomy, the country is as yet in obscurity about the number of these illuminating presences confronted affliction – without a thorough and last rundown of martyred scholarly people or even a meaning of the term. 

Progressive governments since 1971 have neglected to set up top notch of the martyred learned people, regardless of making rehashed promises. The Awami League government is no special case – it is yet to set up the rundown during its three back to back terms. 

Nonetheless, on November 19, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs at last shaped a 11-part council involving political dissidents, freedom war analysts, and government authorities to make and investigate the rundown of names.

In its first gathering yesterday, the board of trustees concluded it would fundamentally remember 1,222 names for the rundown. It will likewise set a meaning of martyred scholarly people, Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque said after the gathering. 

Mozammel added they are hoping to finish the rundown by one year from now, when Bangladesh will praise 50 years of Independence. 

Relatives of the martyred educated people, in the interim, voiced frustration over the omissions in setting up the rundown after countless years. 

"Numerous things identified with the war are not appropriately and formally recorded. The rundown of martyred erudite people is no exemption," said Asif Munier, child of martyred scholarly Prof Munier Chowdhury. 

"Having no official documentation is purposeful so that vested gatherings can make disarray. There were moves so documentation doesn't occur during various systems," he disclosed to The Daily Star. 

Beginning the evening of March 25, 1971, scholarly people were focused by a military crackdown in Dhaka. Generally college, school a lot instructors, producers, doctors, artists, scholars, columnists and other famous characters, they had been considered dangers by the Pakistan armed force and were snatched, tormented, and executed. 

Arranged killings of the scholarly people arrived at its top on December 14, two days before Victory Day. 


On February 6, 2014, the freedom war issues serve had told parliament that elite of martyred scholarly people would be distributed by June that year. 

The service at that point sent letters to the delegate chiefs of every one of the 64 regions looking for names of martyred educated people, yet clearly the DCs didn't send names in light of an absence of lucidity over the definition. 

Mozammel, on December 14, 2016, additionally said the service would distribute a book containing the names of martyred intelligent people, yet this book, as well, is yet to be distributed. 

Noted history specialist and analyst Prof Muntassir Mamoon stated, "There is a lack of prepared individuals to manage such issues in our nation. Civil servants overwhelm the framework and they have scarcely any interest in posting martyred learned people and other related work." 

Prof Muntassir, a previous history educator at Dhaka University, is an individual from the new board. 

He added, "A rundown is genuinely necessary so the country can offer their appreciation and new ages come to think about them. It is a wellspring of history. We are having arrangements of political dissidents and razakars, at that point why not such top notch of martyred intelligent people?" 

Shahriar Kabir, leader of Ekattorer Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee, said that in his view, the public authority's main concern has been the distinguishing proof of the genuine political dissidents. 

"Numerous things happened centring around the rundown of political dissidents and numerous Jamaat men made it to the rundown during BNP-Jamaat rule," he said. 

"The current government is investing a large portion of its amounts of energy and time to address the rundown," added Shahriar, additionally an individual from the new board. 


As per Mozammel, the panel will settle a meaning of martyred intelligent people in its next gathering, liable to be held in January. He said the advisory group yesterday endorsed 1,222 names for the essential rundown. 

"A sum of 1,070 names will be taken from names accessible with the service and 152 from postal stamps gave for the sake of martyred learned people at different occasions," he added. 

Shahriar Kabir said that names of martyred educated people were accessible in "Shaheed Buddhijibi Koshgrantha", a personal reference book of martyred learned people by the Bangla Academy; "Bangladesh," a narrative distribution of the public authority in 1972; "Banglapedia", and postal stamps. 

The board of trustees will consider martyred learned people murdered between March 25, 1971 and January 31, 1972, for the rundown. 

On January 31, 1972, the Mirpur region of Dhaka was at last liberated from favorable to Pakistan Biharis, he said. 

Political dissident Nasiruddin Yousuff, an individual from the board of trustees, said they will send letters to all DCs and UNOs requesting names of martyred erudite people in their separate regions. "We look for names however won't exclusively rely upon civil servants," he said. 

"We won't make another meaning of martyred scholarly people rather we will reconsider the current definition accessible in various examination books including Shaheed Buddhijibi Koshgrantha of Bangla Academy." 

"Shaheed Buddhijibi Koshgrantha recorded 328 martyred intelligent people, however said the rundown was not finished," said another board part. 

The public authority narrative "Bangladesh" said 1,109 learned people were martyred. 

"Banglapedia" assessed that 1,111 learned people were murdered – including 991 scholastics, 49 doctors, 42 legal advisors, 13 writers, nine litterateurs and specialists, five designers, and two others. 

Many war scientists, in any case, said the absolute number of martyred learned people could be a lot higher. The individuals from Buddhijibi Nidhan Tathyanusandhan Committee, set up in 1972, had made an essential rundown of 20,000 such erudite people slaughtered by the Pakistanis, they called attention to. 

Asif Munier, additionally leader of Projanmo Ekattor, an association of the offspring of the saints, said they are prepared to offer help to the new panel setting up the rundown. 

"We accept the council individuals will accomplish the work with most extreme earnestness as they have validity."