Cumilla MP compromises DoE official for activity against slope cutting

e outcomes after she investigated a slope cutting venture by Roads and Highways Department (RHD) and arranged a harm evaluation report. 

Shawkat Ara Koli, agent overseer of DoE Cumilla office, investigated the spot at Sadar (south) upazila where two contracting firms – M/S Hasan Techno Builders and M/S Haque Enterprise – that have close binds with MP Bahar, were found straightening around 11400 cubic feet of slope to extend the current street under a venture of Roads and Highways Department, reports our Chattogram reporter. 

MP Bahar brought Koli over telephone on Wednesday, asking how she set out to set up the review report without speaking with him despite the fact that the examination was led in presence of agents from the contracting firms. 

"You have seen the great side of me but to see the terrible. I will secure the DoE office. Drivel! Do you have so much force? How could you plan assessment report without me, as I am important for it? Go to my office inside ten minutes!" MP Bahar was heard saying in the recorded call, a duplicate of which was gotten by The Daily Star. 

He likewise kept on charging her concerning why she decided to give notice to him as opposed to giving it to the Roads and Highway Department. 

The DoE official said she gave notification to the two contracting firms according to the principles and didn't give any notification to the MP. 

MP Bahar likewise requested that her leave Cumilla inside 15 days. 

Panicked, Shawkat Ara Koli didn't offer any remark. 

Mohammad Moazzom Hossain, overseer of DoE Chattogram district, disclosed to The Daily Star that such conduct was unforeseen from an official who should assist DoE with guaranteeing insurance of the climate that the executive has set among her best ten need list. 

"State or private – if any association needs to cut slope for nation's advantage, at that point DoE will give consent after legitimate methodology is followed. We requested that the fair administrator show up at DoE where he might have adjusted us in the event that we are incorrect in appraisal," the chief added. 

MP AKM Bahauddin Bahar didn't get calls in spite of rehashed endeavors by our journalist to get in touch with him. He likewise didn't answer to any writings.