Coronavirus Food Aid for 50 Lakh People: Seven lakh OMS cards discovered phony

Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder has conceded that seven lakh counterfeit OMS cards were circulated during the Covid-19 lockdown in the nation a year ago. 

The clergyman said this during a gathering of the parliamentary standing board of trustees on the food service on September 24, as per minutes of the gathering. 

This paper has gotten a duplicate of the gathering minutes. The minutes were affirmed by the parliamentary body at its after gathering on Wednesday. 

"An aggregate of 50 lakh OMS [open market sale] cards were appropriated during the Covid circumstance. Of them, seven lakh have been discovered to be phony," Sadhan told the gathering. 

The clergyman said an activity was taken to make brilliant OMS cards through the public authority's Information and Communication Technology office to check different anomalies and defilement. 

Conversing with journalists on Wednesday, he said they have gathered applicable data (about phony cards) recorded on Excel sheets from all zones of the nation. "Steps have been taken to make savvy cards with the goal that abnormalities which occurred during the Covid-19 circumstance don't repeat." 

Sadhan said a savvy OMS card would contain all data, including the cardholder's photograph. Therefore, it would not be workable for anybody to give different cards utilizing one individual's name or data, he added. 

Following the episode of Covid-19 in the nation in March a year ago, the public authority upheld a cross country lockdown from March 26 to May 31. 

The public authority around then had requested that individuals remain inside except if totally vital. The low-pay individuals and day by day breadwinners were the most exceedingly terrible hit by the closure and a considerable lot of them got jobless. 

In the midst of such a circumstance, the public authority expanded the quantity of proportion cards from 5,000,000 to 10 million to give rice to more individuals to Tk 10 a kg under a unique OMS program. 

Leader Sheik Hasina on March 25 a year ago reported that the cost of OMS rice was fixed at Tk 10 a kg rather than Tk 30 a kg. 

Appropriately, the food service began selling rice for Tk 10 a kg under the exceptional OMS program. Each OMS cardholder could purchase five kg of rice seven days. The rice was sold from 10:00am to 3:00pm each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Yet, the program was suspended in April refering to that there was a danger of spread of the infection as individuals were not after wellbeing rules while remaining in lines. 

Afterward, the food service asked the region appointee officials to set up top notch of oppressed and low-pay individuals who don't have cards of food inviting project. Those recently enrolled individuals would be given rice for Tk 10 a kg under the extraordinary OMS program. 

During the offer of OMS rice, news sources ran reports about misappropriation of immense amount of rice in various pieces of the nation. A segment of government authorities and public delegates were associated with stealing rice, the reports said. 

In the midst of analysis from various quarters over the debasement, in excess of 100 public delegates of upazila, association and zilla parishads were suspended and a few others were captured in cases in such manner. 

The parliamentary standing council during its gathering on September 24 talked about different claimed abnormalities in OMS vendor. 

The food serve, notwithstanding, in the gathering said his service has no purview over giving or dropping OMS vendor. 

Sadhan said anomalies frequently happen when an individual holds OMS business for quite a while. 

Another OMS seller can be designated if the occupant vendor is discovered engaged with anomalies through an examination, he added. 

Notwithstanding rehashed endeavors, this paper couldn't arrive at the food serve via telephone yesterday for remarks.