Analysis by Mahfuz Anam: A dehumanizing year

Alongside the world Bangladesh likewise battled to figure out the all-unavoidable interruptions brought about by Covid-19. Once more, as the remainder of the world, we in Bangladesh attempted to modify our general public, our economy, our schooling framework, our essential administrations, truth be told each part of our lives beyond what many would consider possible. What we neglected to do, as the remainder of the world, was to clutch our human qualities as we heard thousands biting the dust and saw our precious ones die and we were unable to go to their guide or even express compassion face to face. It was mentally crippling. The very structure holding the system together seemed to tear away, diminished to family-based islands of edgy and disconnected microcosms of society enduring, connecting and by one way or another experienced our lives kindness the web, the backbone of the virtual world. 

As the world economy stood broke and thousands passed on in nations that we thought had a powerful wellbeing framework, we didn't have the foggiest idea what was coming up for us. Given the thickness of our populace, level of wellbeing awareness, everyday environments and dietary level and advancement challenges, we dreaded the most exceedingly awful. We are as a rule at the less than desirable finish of nature's fierceness in the types of floods, typhoons, and so forth, yet this time around nature seems to have worked in obscure manners to save us from the severest effect of the current pandemic. 

It remains a secret with regards to what worked for us. Was it our initial vaccination program, our workers' and ranchers' regular invulnerability, Vitamin D from introduction to the sun, our deep rooted battle with contamination, all things considered, our common versatility? We are very unconscious of why Covid-19 didn't unleash devastation upon us, and remain joyfully oblivious. Most different nations would have, at this point, led a plenty of examination with regards to why, and would have known at this point what worked for us and based on that characteristic resistance to save us from its more deadly transformed assortment, which we are presently finding out about. 

The subject existing apart from everything else is with what realizing we are entering the new year. 

First and the premier is building a strong wellbeing area. General wellbeing framework needs an enormous repair as far as operational productivity with moderate and dependable wellbeing administrations for our kin. Judging simply based on foundation, we are in a situation to expand viable medical care for a lion's share of our kin. There are 13,500 network wellbeing facilities at the association level, 421 wellbeing buildings at the upazila level, 64 undeniable clinics at the region level, tertiary level significant clinics at each divisional central command including 35 specific medical clinics spread everywhere on the nation. Added to this there are 5,321 private medical clinics and facilities and 9,529 analytic focuses, 106 clinical universities (36 public and 70 private). For a populace of 170 million, this office may not be satisfactory however for a nation like our own, this public wellbeing administration limit makes for an imposing base to expand on. 

What we urgently need is administration conveyance, whose center is individuals and not just machines and structures. We are aware of progressive governments' endeavors to keep our PCPs at the area of their work, an exertion that has not succeeded. Notwithstanding, during the pandemic, we saw an entirely unexpected degree of responsibility and mindfulness from our forefront medical services laborers. We need to expand on it. 

In the event that we are to handle this pandemic adequately in 2021 and get ready for the ones that have been anticipated by the chief general of WHO, we should move our concentrate absolutely from framework working to offering support. This requires a monstrous change of how we work, how we think, how we oversee, how we financial plan, how we spend and how we esteem our wellbeing administration specialists, medical attendants, subject matter experts and the specialized staff. 

There have been a few occasions of defilement and waste in dealing with the current wellbeing emergency. Government is appropriately getting ready for mass inoculation for which it will give out enormous measures of cash. Given our previous encounters, we can't preclude the chance of debasement, waste, abuse and blunder. We should take preventive estimates now. 

Our subsequent learning manages the schooling area. The pandemic has really exacerbated the generally existing advanced separation. Unmistakably, the individuals who had, could deal with and could get acclimated with the new innovation made some learn done during this period contrasted with the individuals who couldn't – which means poor people, who got completely avoided with regards to the learning circle and for them 2020 was, all things considered, a lost year. 

While the advanced gap turned out to be more intense, it is in e-realizing where the arrangement lies. We accept that the current school, school and college level training, which depends on study hall based vis-à-vis learning, needs a redesign. Later on, countless understudies assembling each day for the full length of their meeting may not be attainable and not even prudent. As certain educationists are recommending, we should shape a "mixed" approach, which is a combination of the current class-based instruction with a serious level of digitisation. 

This will require enormous venture, retraining of our instructors – a profoundly troublesome thus far generally ineffective endeavor – preparing our schools, universities and colleges to utilize this innovation lastly setting up the essential instructive material, the product, for an appropriate training of our understudies. 

The possibility of computerized schooling is gigantic. Consider how the most recent instructive materials – both broadly and globally delivered – can be made accessible to the least degree of our schools simultaneously as it opens up to the best of them. Additionally think about all the instructive guides that can be made accessible to our poor and in an unexpected way abled youngsters. Every one of our schools can have a similar degree of training in the event that we can do it appropriately. However, for that our educators should be retrained – no simple undertaking. 

A significant change that we need in our advanced education is putting the essential accentuation on exploration. Our colleges, presently numbering at least hundred, public and private joined, spend almost no cash on exploration. Here the public authority needs to approach and begin financing advancement and formation of new information, which must be done through examination by the two understudies and the staff. We essentially can't overemphasize the requirement for unique reasoning. 

The third takeaway is that we should enormously fortify our IT framework for the economy, schooling, wellbeing, transportation and, above all, great administration. Our web must be rapid, modest and continuous. IT is not, at this point an innovation, an industry or a development area; it is our better approach forever. Shrewd gadgets should be reasonable and generally accessible. The approach system should support neighborhood creation of the greater part of these things, which we are able to do. Our new companies are now making amazing degrees of progress in manners that give us colossal trust in their capacities to kick off something new in this profoundly serious and energizing zone. 

In this field we should put resources into man-made reasoning (AI) and biotechnology and their interface. The future upset will be a combination of these two orders. We should begin genuinely looking to them immediately. 

My last takeaway would be that we take a more exhaustive, multi-sectoral and viable activity arranged arrangement on environmental change. Another 10-year environmental change system is in the offing. As arranging goes, this one will likewise be broadcasting the correct notes and featuring the proper needs however while actualizing, we may rehash similar hopeless records as previously. While we properly accuse the huge polluters of the world for the current hopeless situation, we miss the mark in doing things that we need to for our own endurance. Contaminating, infringing and unloading synthetic waste into our waterways is maybe the greatest and most emotional illustration of the hole between our words about saving nature and deeds of wrecking it. 

The new year and the new decade that we enter today stands up to us with absolutely obscure difficulties. It is practically similar to showing us how to carry on with our lives and construct our social orders once more. All the more on a very basic level it is encouraging us to remake human connections and how we are to communicate – something that we have been accomplishing for millennia yet should do any other way now. 

In this "new ordinary" what new things would we say we are figuring out how to do? It is a similar legislative issues, a similar habitual pettiness, the equivalent "all mix-ups are finished by others", the equivalent "we know it all", the equivalent "othering", similar custodial passings, the vanishings, similar self-assertive captures, the equivalent choking of the press and a similar self-accreditation in abundance. Can such propensities both of the brain and working of our framework serve us in the New Year that is frantically shouting out for new reasoning, new perspectives, new qualities in confronting the new reality? 

Wishing every one of our benefactors, promoters and, above all, perusers for remaining with us and supporting us inside and out. Trusting that the New Year will bring more prominent satisfaction and achievement, both in close to home and expert life. An exceptionally glad 2021.