New strain, new concern

The RT-PCR tests done to analyze Covid diseases in Bangladesh are not liable to recognize the new strain distinguished in the UK. In addition, nobody can say without a doubt if the new variation is like the ones discovered here in Bangladesh. 

Famous specialists Bijon Kumar Sil and Khandaker Mehedi Akram said the quantity of new cases may rise if the new strain distinguished in the UK arrives at Bangladesh. 

The two of them are at present exploring the transformation of Covid – Sil in Singapore and Akram in the UK. 

Three individuals from the public authority's warning panel on Covid reaction as of late disclosed to The Daily Star that they didn't know whether the nation's RT-PCR testing offices have the ability to recognize the new strain. 

"Presently, the RT-PCR tests are doing two-quality analysis. This framework may not identify all the transformations of Covid. The odds that the new strain can be recognized in the current framework are slight. It is being examined whether to change the RT-PCR testing," said Sahana Banu, head of virology at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. 

Sil and Akram likewise concur that it will take three-quality tests to know whether the new strain is available in Bangladesh. However, the RT-PCR offices in Bangladesh are not fit for three-quality tests. 

The nation ought to organize the offices to do three-quality tests. Plus, genome sequencing of in any event five out of each 100 examples should be done, they added. 

The new strain was distinguished in London and Kent where numerous Bangladeshis live and they regularly travel to Bangladesh, they added. 

Akran stated, "The three-quality test and genome sequencing have been done in the European Union and UK to identify the new strain." 

Sil stated, "The infection is consistently changing its character. The infection found in Wuhan of China isn't like the ones at present discovered everywhere on the world. It has changed its spike protein in the new strain. Peculiarly, transformation or changes have been made in 17 spots of spike protein." 

Akram stated, "There are dissimilarities between the strains in the UK and Bangladesh. In any case, Bangladesh should pay attention to the issue as trips between the UK and Bangladesh are as yet in activity. 

"Typically, the strength of an infection is estimated by two markers – its spread and disease capacities. We found the new strain is 70 more infectious. Be that as it may, it is yet to be demonstrated whether the new strain is deadlier than the past one. Exploration is going on and the outcome will be known soon. Since its ability to spread is higher, the danger is additionally higher." 

Found out if the immunization is compelling against the new strain, Sil said," The antibodies have been created focusing on the spike proteins that have changed in the new strain. In this way, they may end up being less successful. It is yet to be demonstrated whether these antibodies are powerful against the new strain. Ideally, it will be known in seven to 10 days. 

Akram stated, "It isn't demonstrated whether individuals matured under 18 are in danger of being contaminated by the new strain. The immunization preliminaries did exclude this age gathering. New preliminaries should be done to check whether the immunizations are successful for individuals matured under 18." 

At any rate 50 nations have suspended flight activities with the UK after the new strain was distinguished. It has just spread in Australia and Denmark. 

A few people as of late headed out from the UK to Tokyo after they tried adverse for Covid. In any case, tests in Tokyo recognized the strain in them. 

A few new strains have been distinguished in some Indian states, including Kolkata, in individuals who came from the UK. 

Sil and Akram concur that the gear required for three-quality tests should be gathered by the specialists right away. 

They added that the public authority should ensure everybody wears a veil, particularly since there are vulnerabilities over what amount of time it will require for the antibody to show up in Bangladesh and the number of individuals will get it.