PM enraged by delays in executing Kushtia Medical College project

The abnormal deferral in execution of Kushtia Medical College Establishment Project has enraged Prime Minister Sheik Hasina. 

The PM communicated disappointment when the venture's subsequent amendment was advanced for the endorsement of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) today. 

The Ecnec meeting sent back the second correction of the Kushtia Medical College Project coordinating the specialists worried to explore speedily concerning why the venture couldn't be finished at this point. 

In the interim, Ecnec cleared six different undertakings including an expected expense of Tk 9,569.23 crore. The week after week Ecnec meeting was held at NEC Bhaban with Ecnec Chairperson Sheik Hasina in the seat. 

The PM joined the gathering essentially from her authority home Gono Bhaban. 

"PM communicated genuine disappointment and disturbance over the deferral in venture works," said Planning Minister MA Mannan while preparation columnists after the gathering. She said it is not the slightest bit adequate as the task couldn't be finished in such countless years. 

The PM guided the arranging priest to examine it altogether soon by the IMED (Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division) and different organizations concerned. 

"Give me its report and afterward I'll think about it," she was cited as saying. 

Mannan said the Kushtia Medical College Project began in 2012 and it should be finished by 2014 yet it couldn't be done notwithstanding expansion of its cutoff time a few times and the most recent cutoff time was 2019. 

Presently the second correction of the task was put looking for augmentation of the venture cutoff time up to 2023, yet the Ecnec meeting sent it back, he said adding that the advancement of the undertaking isn't acceptable. 

Mannan said his service will send its test group soon to Kushtia to explore the postponement in the task works completely. The test report will likewise be imparted to the media in the wake of setting it before the PM, he said.