Land positions abroad through lawful channels

Head administrator Sheik Hasina yesterday asked the ostracizes' government assistance and abroad work service and enlisting organizations to deal with Bangladeshi exiles. 

"I demand you one thing that those who're associated with labor movement – from the enlisting organizations to the service – to give them [expatriates] due honor and ensure they're not confronting any issue," she said while tending to a program essentially denoting the International Migration Day 2020 from the Gono Bhaban. 

The exiles' government assistance and abroad work service coordinated the occasion at Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BICC). 

Hasina said everything must be taken care of by the enlisting organizations and the service for the individuals who are eager to travel to another country. "Guarantee their security, particularly the female traveler laborers." 

About the homebound exiles who have lost their positions during the Covid-19 pandemic, she said the public authority is dealing with them and there is no motivation to be vexed. 

The public authority is giving improvement bundles while Karmasangsthan Bank, Palli Sanchay Bank and SME Foundation are there to give them credits so they could begin their own organizations. 

Hasina said there are numerous super activities going on in the nation and numerous individuals are working there. "They're picking up experience working in these tasks and the experience will be useful for them both at home and abroad." 

She likewise asked the nation's kin not to venture into the way of murkiness falling prey to agents. 

The PM called upon all to get enrolled and stand by with persistence to land the ideal positions through legitimate and lawful channels. 

She said if the traveler laborers fall in a tough situation being incited by somebody, it will be a lot of excruciating and risky for the people and their families. 

In such manner, she reviewed the passings of some transient specialists in Libya and trusted that such episodes would not occur later on. 

There are no shortage of occupations and food in the nation, the PM stated, proposing that individuals should travel to another country for occupations subsequent to getting enrolled. 

Hasina additionally put accentuation on getting legitimate preparing prior to traveling to another country in quest for occupations. 

She referenced that there are a few people who oversee testaments without getting legitimate preparing and they face issues once they land in an unfamiliar nation. 

"I believe that without doing this in the event that anybody takes the preparation with genuineness, at that point that individual won't confront any provocation abroad. All need to focus on that, the exiles' government assistance and abroad work service ought to be more careful to this end," Hasina said. 

The PM said the public authority is taking different activities to make the nation monetarily more grounded and confident. 

"We're on the way of accomplishing monetary confidence, we're developing 100 financial zones … there'll be no shortage of work here too. We'll likewise have talented specialists, unfamiliar venture is coming," she said. 

Hasina likewise quickly depicted different strides of the public authority taken for the government assistance of Bangladeshi ostracizes. 

Bangladesh has set the topic – "Mujib Borsho er Ahoban, Dokkho Hoye Bidesh Jan" (The call of Mujib Year, travel to another country in the wake of getting talented). 

Exiles' Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Imran Ahmad and Secretary Ahmed Munirus Saleheen additionally talked at the program. 

Prior, Imran Ahmad, for the benefit of the leader, conveyed schooling grant checks among the offspring of Bangladeshi ostracizes and economically significant people peaks among the exiles for sending higher measure of settlement through the lawful divert and putting resources into the nation.