Counterfeit NID for Tk 1.5 lakh

An organization of agents and some untrustworthy staff members of the Election Commission had been producing public ID cards for quite a long time because of an absence of severe observing and provisos in the framework, discovered a police examination. 

The phony NID cards, every one of which sold at Tk 1.2 lakh to Tk 1.5 lakh, were utilized in fakeness identified with bank advances and land, said individuals with the information on this unlawful business. 

While giving of a double NID is a culpable offense, the organization keeps the name and photograph same and changes the remainder of the data. 

This card is offered to an individual who as of now has a bona fide NID against that name and photograph, and is utilized generally in bank credit tricks. In another sort of imitation, the photograph is changed and such a card is utilized generally for selling another person's territory. 

The NID wing of EC has distinguished around 1,057 individuals who have gotten the cards for a second an ideal opportunity for sick thought processes, said a high authority of the wing, adding they previously impeded the cards with the EC's lawful wing documenting around 556 bodies of evidence against these card holders. 

"We have sacked approximately 42 workers of the NID wing for their contribution with the nexus," the authority told this paper on December 23 a year ago, on state of secrecy. 

There are around 10 crore enrolled NID card holders in the nation and around another 2.7 lakh new applications submitted since 2019 are under cycle, as per the NID wing. 


The Detective Branch of police on September 5 a year ago captured five individuals, including two EC workers, from the capital's Mirpur for their supposed association in giving produced NIDs. 

The DB additionally recuperated around 12 fashioned NID cards from their ownership. In cross examination, the arrestees unveiled names of four others, including two more EC representatives who worked in Lalmonirhat. 

A high authority of DB, mentioning namelessness, said these organization individuals would make an arrangement of up to Tk 1.5 lakh for providing a phony NID card. 

For finishing the cycle in the NID wing, an EC staff member would get Tk 30,000 to Tk 40,000 for each card, the authority told the Daily Star on December 22. 

Now and again, the offer comes from specialists engaged with preparing reports for bank advances. They as a rule target credit defaulters looking for new advances. 

On the off chance that the Credit Information Bureau (CIB) report of the customer is discovered to be unacceptable thus he is proclaimed ineligible to get an advance, the merchants take him to another gathering of dealers who work at the EC workplaces. 

The customer and the bank-related specialists at that point make an arrangement with the EC office merchants and the cycle starts to make a second NID card with the assistance of some information section authorities. 

The representatives get a commission on the credit whenever it is delivered. 

DB authorities associated with the examination said they have just discovered proof of Tk 14 crore in credits being gathered from various private banks utilizing manufactured NID cards over the most recent one year by various individuals with the assistance of the organization. 

Madhusudan Das, aide magistrate of DB police, organizing the examination, said this is a high need case and they got data of advances being taken from various saves money with produced reports. 

"We have looked for help from Bangladesh Bank for CIB reports. We will direct a drive against these individuals who fashioned archives after we get the reports," he added. 

In the interim, on December 22, the NID wing gave over a merchant to Rapid Action Battalion after he was discovered attempting to lessen a NID card holder's age by 10 years. 

The arrestee was distinguished as Bahadur, who had vowed to change the date of year of a candidate named Nur Jalal Sheik in return of Tk 1.5 lakh. 

Nur said he previously paid Tk 1.05 lakh to Bahadur as he seriously expected to diminish a long time from the NID card to make sure about a lasting position, peruses an assertion of the NID wing. 

On August 30, EC documented a body of evidence against the JKG Health Care director Dr Sabrina Arif Chowdhury for getting a second NID card. 

The greatest instance of NID misrepresentation was accounted for from Chattogram in 2019 when a few people were captured for making NID cards for Rohingyas. Additionally, an organization was discovered selling place where there is one MA Wadud in Kushtia in the wake of producing his NID card in the exact year. 

Brig Gen Mohammed Saidul Islam, chief general of NID wing, stated, "Praiseworthy discipline is distributed to the individuals who are associated with this anomaly, paying little mind to the association the person in question has a place with. There is a request council to check the wrongdoing and the commission makes a move based on the suggestions of the panel." 

He disclosed to The Daily Star that to stop such violations, they were attempting to make facial acknowledgment and iris filtering compulsory for citizensto get new NID cards. 

Authorities in the NID wing said staff members answerable for giving contribution of any NID record into the worker presently need to give their advanced mark each an ideal opportunity for each document after it is set up by an information passage administrator. 

Plus, there has been a mix among EC authorities after the new captures, they added.