Casualty accusing should stop

At whatever point there is an occurrence of assault, a great many people will in general say that it was the young lady or lady's flaw, and question her character, social class, outfit, sexual experience, and way of life. 

After the information on the assault and ensuing passing of a 17-year-old O-level understudy was distributed Thursday night, many took to web-based media to accuse the young lady. 

At a Dhaka court yesterday, 18-year-old Fardin Iftekhar Dihan admitted to his part in killing the young lady subsequent to assaulting her. The specialist who did the posthumous additionally said over the top seeping because of wounds from the assault prompted her passing. 

By and by, individuals via online media continue to state that it was consensual sex and ought not be called assault. "The young lady went out on the town with her beau… If the young lady had any goodness, she couldn't ever have gone to her sweetheart's level before marriage," remarked a Facebook client under the post of a news report about the occurrence. 

A previous instructor of the young lady's school expressed, "The kid shouldn't be accused alone. I am certain nothing more likely than not occurred without the young lady's assent… Didn't she know the person?" 

Humanities Professor Ainoon Naher of Jahangirnagar University stated, "The offense of the culprit should be given more significance, on the grounds that sexual viciousness doesn't just exist outside of home." 

Khushi Kabir, organizer of Nijera Kori, stated, "When somebody is slaughtered by a vehicle or hacked to death by burglars, individuals think about it as a criminal offense. At that point for what reason does a lady's character become applicable when she is assaulted and killed?" 

The mentality of men is the reason for continuous occurrences of assault, and it has nothing to do with who the casualty is, the means by which she dresses or whether she takes part in an extramarital entanglements, she revealed to The Daily Star. 

Taqbir Huda, research expert at Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust, who drives the Rape Law Reform Now Campaign, said "At whatever point an assault gets revealed, we see a huge part of society normalizing the wrongdoing and suggesting that the assault was practically inescapable. 

"At the point when you treat assault as inescapable by extending the idea of 'young men will be young men', you are basically advising men and young men to proceed to assault a young lady to death, since we'll generally figure out how to accuse her. 

"However long we continue to advise ladies and young ladies to 'evade' getting assaulted as opposed to showing young men not to assault, such occurrences will rehash." 

Umama Zillur, organizer of KOTHA, a program that tends to the mentalities, practices and conditions that help, support and lead to sexual brutality, said the casualty accusing via web-based media was simply one more impression of how "agreeable we are with deriding ladies and their activities and practices, rather than considering men responsible." 

"The casualty accusing even stretched out to the young lady's folks. Some requested they be rebuffed for letting their little girl have an excessive amount of opportunity. Yet, there was no doubt about the sort of climate at home and school and society that drives men to feel qualified for ladies' bodies," she added. 

As per Ain o Salish Kendra, in any event 1,627 ladies were assaulted and assaulted the nation over in 2020. Of them, 53 were slaughtered after assault and 14 passed on by self destruction. 

The quantity of assault casualties was 1,413 out of 2019 and 732 out of 2018, ASK referenced in its 2020 yearly report.