Coronavirus Vaccination: Healthcare staff members’ preparation begins

The public authority would begin giving preparing to the medical care staff members from today with an end goal to guarantee protected and productive Covid-19 immunization organization. 

Around 40,000 medical care laborers and volunteers at various levels – from public to upazila – will get the fourteen day long preparing both actually and essentially. 

In addition, needles and wellbeing boxes needed for inoculation will show up by one week from now. 

Shamsul Haque, line overseer of MNC&AH unit of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), revealed to The Daily Star that they planned to begin te preparing at public level. 

"Step by step, the preparation will be extended to region and upazila level." 

A sum of 7,344 immunization groups would attempt to execute the inoculation program. 

Each group will have two antibody injectors and four volunteers. Preparing and direction of the laborers are in progress and will be finished by January 27, said the authority. 

He additionally said that an aggregate of 3.30 crore AD needles are needed to manage the immunizations and the request to supply the antibody has just been put. 

"We needn't bother with all the needle at a time. We will oversee 50 lakh antibodies at the main portion. Ideally we will get the necessary measure of needles in the following week," he added. 

Aside from the needles, wellbeing boxes would likewise be required. "The wellbeing boxes will likewise show up on schedule," he said. 

The public authority said on Monday that Covid-19 immunization would begin in the nation from the primary seven day stretch of February. 

The main portion of the Oxford-AstraZeneca's Covid-19 immunization from Serum Institute of India (SII) would show up by January 25. A sum of 50 lakh portions will be regulated in the primary month among 25 lakh individuals, two dosages for every individual. 

According to the agreement, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd will convey the three crore portions to the region level EPI stockpiles from SII in six stages. 

Then, the public authority was setting up the reaction to COVAX in a positive note that it would take the Pfizer antibody that needs to store at short 70 degrees Celsius. 

The public authority concluded essentially to take the Pfizer-BioNTech immunization from COVAX notwithstanding difficulties of keeping up the virus chain and guaranteeing the inventory of the specific needles required. 

The COVAX program, driven by the World Health Organization and worldwide union GAVI, has offered Bangladesh around four lakh portions of the antibody created by US drugmaker Pfizer and Germany's BioNTech. 

COVAX has vowed to convey a sum of 2 billion portions of antibodies to at any rate 172 nations before the current year's over. 

"We have drafted the answer and cheerful to give it by January 18," said a high ranking representative of DGHS wanting not to be named. 

Then, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) in a press articulation asked the public authority to guarantee straightforwardness at level in Covid-19 antibody buy and dispersion in need premise. 

The defilement guard dog focused to adhere to the standards and legitimate strategies in the inoculation program to turn away debasement.