Guarantee prison for stream grabbers, polluters

Focusing on the requirement for executing all High Court mandates to save the streams, specialists yesterday asked the public authority to guarantee detainment of waterway grabbers and polluters as killing waterways is a criminal offense. 

The public authority ought to guarantee that no decision party pioneers make any hindrance to removal of stream grabbers, they said at a program denoting the dispatch of "Yearly Report 2019" by the National River Conservation Commission (NRCC). 

Tending to the program, NRCC Chairman Mujibur Rahman Howlader said they have so far recognized 63,249 grabbers of 776 streams the nation over, and 18,579 of them have been removed. 

"Expulsion of in excess of 18,000 grabbers with restricted assets is a major accomplishment," he noted. 

"We are yet to recognize all the grabbers and polluters. The commission needs to proceed with its work energetically." 

The quantity of waterway grabbers the nation over was 57,390 till the finish of 2019. 

The NRCC executive said the commission made elite of grabbers and furthermore a rundown of waterways everywhere on the nation. None of the public authority offices has a total rundown of streams. 

"The commission looked for data on streams and grabbers from organization of every one of the 64 locale and has so far discovered names of 776 waterways." 

Indeed, even all those waterways that are dead currently require to be recognized and recuperated from grabbers, he noted. 

Mujibur said that however there are numerous ecological laws, those are not executed. The public authority needs to execute the laws and rebuff the grabbers and polluters. 

"No stream grabber or polluter lands in prison however the discipline of jail term is there in the laws. On the off chance that we just fine them, they won't stop their offenses as they have cash and force," the NRCC administrator called attention to. 

Organization of all locale requires to make information bases of streams with subtleties of their unique territories according to the cadastral land overview record in accordance with a HC request. 

Joining the program essentially as the main visitor, Planning Minister MA Mannan said the public authority is focused on saving the streams and will make fundamental moves with that in mind. 

"The facts confirm that the public authority made trade offs and didn't do all the things expected to ensure the waterways. Be that as it may, it is submitted and proceeds with its work to save those." 

The clergyman likewise said he would converse with the head administrator about additional endeavors to save the waterways. 

Brac Chairman Hossain Zillur Rahman said government endeavors are restricted to making arrangements of grabbers and removing them. 

"Just expulsion of grabbers isn't sufficient, we need to feed the waterways," he said. 

Earthy people have been looking at saving waterways for quite a while. Presently it is the ideal opportunity for financial specialists to show the monetary benefit of saving a stream, instead of murdering it for the sake of advancement, Zillur noted. 

Mahfuz Anam, manager and distributer of The Daily Star, said that if the important laws are not executed, the waterway grabbers and polluters will turn out to be more forceful in carrying on their wrongdoings. 

The landmass of Bangladesh was framed as the waterways brought residue from the Himalayas, he noted. 

"On the off chance that we can't secure our waterways, our very presence will be undermined. On the off chance that we just consider industrialisation without taking the streams and the climate into thought, one day we should employ unfamiliar experts to resuscitate the waterways. 

"Else, we won't have the option to live here." 

Dr Rashed Ahmed Titumir, director of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, said the public authority needs to include individuals in the endeavors to save the waterways. 

Government organizations frequently take up improvement extends that lead to death of streams. The public authority should lead advantage cost investigation prior to taking up a project and guarantee protection of the streams and the climate. 

Sharif Jamil, general secretary of Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon, said the HC has given such countless mandates to the public authority however those were not executed on the grounds that waterway grabbers are ground-breaking and persuasive individuals in the general public. 

"I encourage the public authority to expel the waterway grabbers and furthermore ensure that nobody can get any stream from here on out." 

The public authority ought to likewise guarantee discipline of those public authorities concerned who don't play out their obligations and let grabbers infringe on waterways. 

Manzill Murshid, a legal advisor at the Supreme Court, said a law ought to be established with an arrangement making stream grabbers and polluters ineligible to challenge decisions and furthermore to get bank credits. 

NRCC Member Sharmin Sonia Murshid, who directed the program, asked the public authority to help and enable the commission so it can work adequately. 

She additionally expressed gratitude toward The Daily Star for routinely covering waterway related issues. 

The program was gone to by divisional officials just as agent magistrates from various areas.