Even in the wake of losing the two his arms in a mishap, Kamrul Sheik, 34, utilized the sheer intensity of will and assurance to ricochet back and change his own destiny. 

An occupant of Faridpur's Sadar upazila, Kamrul is hitched with two youngsters – a child and a little girl. 

From a neediness stricken family, he was simply ready to finish essential instruction, after which he started attempting to help his family. He would at times specialist as a woodworker, now and then a cart puller, a circuit repairman, or a day-worker. 

On August 15, 2018, while functioning as a circuit tester at the region's Khaleq Bazar zone, Kamrul was shocked and lost the two his arms in the mishap. 

"I scaled an electric shaft and set my stepping stool close to the electric wires. I was fixing a defective line. That is probably however much that I can recall. At the point when I recovered my faculties, I wound up on a medical clinic bed," said Kamrul. 

From a neighborhood clinic, he was moved to the consume unit of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), where he went through therapy for around a month and half. 

"Both my arms were gravely harmed. They must be excised inside three days of my confirmation [to DMCH]," Kamrul said. 

"After the mishap, my whole family was in monetary difficulty. The West Zone Power Distribution Company gave me Tk 2 lakh as remuneration. I purchased four carts with that cash and leased them out. 

"However, the pay was not adequate and I was getting stressed. At some point, a companion of mine, Lutfar Khalasi, recommended that I meet a man named Jashim, who, as me, doesn't have both of his arms yet runs a shop himself." 

Kamrul met Jashim and took in certain procedures to work. "I sold my four carts and opened up a staple shop – Zihad Varieties Store – before my home." 

"A significant number of my companions, family members and neighbors debilitate me about opening the shop. Yet, I was resolved. Presently, I am running my shop productively. I have even figured out how to swim, cycle, work PCs and cell phones utilizing only my legs," he said. 

Kamrul's better half Julia Begum was content with his significant other's choice and assurance. "We were all questionable [regarding finances] after the mishap. However, his mental fortitude, resolve and difficult work changed the entirety of that."