Beam of Anirban

Legend says that the savant's stone was a substance that could transform customary metal into gold. 

While the occupants of Mamudkathi might not have in a real sense struck gold, they have discovered some sort of a logician's stone as a library. 

The Anirban Library, set up by four nearby understudies thirty years back, has changed the lives of numerous locals – changing the unskilled into proficient, those monetarily denied to independent. 

Locals' admittance to schooling and work have expanded essentially since the library was set up in 1990 in far off Mamudkathi town of Khulna's Paikgachha upazila. 

One previous part is Faruk Hossain Mahaldar of Jeley Para in Mamudkathi, who is presently working at Bangladesh Railway on moving on from a Khulna school. 

"I have been associated with different exercises of the library since my youth. I used to come here and read books at whatever point I had time. 

"The exercises of the library have opened my eyes. It has changed the lives of our Jeley Para occupants," he said. 

Faruk isn't the solitary resident to accomplish advanced education. 

Previous general secretary of the library, Ramkrishna Debnath, can't conceal his joy when discussing the library's commitments in the territory. 

He said he was the second man from the town to go to the University of Dhaka and now numerous others are learning at similar seat of learning just as at different colleges and clinical schools. 

The library likewise added to battling youngster marriage in the zone, he said. 

"Because of the joint endeavors of all and exercises of the library, kid marriage and dropout rate from schools have diminished fundamentally. Library-driven exercises have propelled all," Ramkrishna added. 


The library formally began its excursion on December 10, 1990, in one room inside a nearby sanctuary in Mamudkathi. 

It was established by Joydeb Kumar Bhadra, presently an extra DIG of police, and Manik Bhadra of Sonatankati town, Bishwakarma Mandal of Mamudkathi town, and Mrinal Ghosh of Haridhali town. 

Joydeb Bhadra was then a Rajshahi University understudy, yet because of the countrywide development against tyrant HM Ershad at that point, his college stayed shut in the midst of the political distress. 

"Therefore, I needed to remain at home more often than not. I wanted to accomplish something for the offspring of the zone – in this way, I intended to set up a library for certain companions." 

Neighborhood school and school educators and understudies before long got included – some gave books from their own assortments and later, house to house crusades were directed to gather cash to purchase new books. 

In 2016, the one-room library was moved from the sanctuary to a recently constructed four-story building. 

In excess of A LIBRARY 

Presently developed into a cause with gifts from previous individuals and that's only the tip of the iceberg, it isn't just a center for information creation with admittance to books and PCs – it additionally gives free medical care, free language classes and learning openings, and behaviors public mindfulness crusades on an assortment of issues. 

Anirban as of now has 7,000 books in its assortment and works from 10:00am to 10:00pm day by day. The two individuals and guests approach PCs and web in the library. 

It has a 250-seat corridor room and a medical services community on the ground floor, the fundamental library and PC lab on the subsequent floor, and eight visitor rooms on the third floor. 

Bidhan Bhadra of Mamudkathi, presently colleague educator of English at Jashore MM College, said the library has assumed an enormous part in his life. 

"The effect of the library development has additionally spread to other upazilas," he added. 

Anirban has straightforwardly and by implication contacted the lives of residents in at any rate 10 upazilas in Khulna and Satkhira regions, said Provat Debnath, general secretary of the library. 

The library gives payments to praiseworthy understudies to assist with their instructive costs and routinely holds book perusing, verse recitation, and music rivalries, and games. Youngsters additionally approach data, for example, on business openings and on agribusiness related issues. 

Individuals from the library likewise accomplish significant social work – a year ago, for instance, they helped residents influenced by Cyclone Amphan, author Joydeb revealed to The Daily Star. 

They dispersed 15 sewing machines to helpless ladies, paddy seeds to 2,500 influenced ranchers, and folded tin worth Tk 2 lakh to the poor for reconstructing their asylums. 

The library consistently coordinates free wellbeing camps for local people, tree estate projects, and public mindfulness programs on a horde of issues. 

The library individuals have likewise set up a blood-gift office, a goat homestead to make Anirban chips in monetarily independent, and are finding a way to make a fledgling asylum, added Provat. 

In 2014, the library got acknowledgment as a 'Ka' classification library from Jatiya Grantha Kendra because of its different social and social exercises. 

It was likewise assigned an award of Tk 10 lakh from the social issues service in the 2019-2020 monetary year.