Disease rate now 5.57pc

Bangladesh saw a day by day contamination pace of 5.57 percent with 762 new cases detailed in 24 hours finishing at 8:00am yesterday. 

The nation recorded the day by day contamination pace of 4.90 percent on January 14, 8.29 percent on January 10, 7.52 percent on January 4 and 8.18 percent on January 1. 

Bangladesh has recorded 526,485 cases up until now. What's more, the nation's casualty number increased to 7,862 and demise rate to 1.49 percent, with 13 Covid-19 passings over the most recent 24 hours, since the main passing was accounted for on March 18. 

Up until now, 3,431,792 tests, including 13,678 new ones, have been done. The general disease rate remained at 15.34 percent, said a public statement of the Directorate General of Health Services. 

Then, 471,123 patients – 89.48 percent – have recuperated up until this point. 

The contamination number arrived at the 500,000-blemish on December 20. The principal cases were accounted for on March 8. On December 12, the loss of life surpassed 7,000.