Govt means to cut groundwater reliance for water system

The public authority is focusing to expand utilization of surface water for water system to 30 percent of the nation's all out water system territory by 2030 to lessen reliance on groundwater, as indicated by an assertion from the agribusiness service gave yesterday. 

The service additionally intends to diminish ground water utilization for water system from the current 73 percent to 70 percent of the complete inundated land, it said. 

"We are offering significance to build the utilization of surface water for feasible utilization of water and effective administration of water assets," said Agriculture Minister Mohammad Abdur Razzaque at a workshop on digitalising groundwater checking. 

The occasion was coordinated by Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation (BADC) at Shech Bhaban in Dhaka. 

The public authority has executed numerous activities, including the uncovering and re-unearthing of streams and waterways, development of elastic dams and supplies with an emphasis on proficient water use. 

Subsequently, the utilization of surface water is expanding and this activity will proceed, Razzaque stated, adding that the expense of water system has decreased. 

The BADC information shows that the water system territory extended by 10.50 lakh hectares in the course of the most recent 10 years. 

An aggregate of 9,456 kilometers of channels have been re-exhumed while 13,351 kilometers of water system waterways have been created and 10 elastic dams and one pressure driven lift dam have been built, as per the public statement. 

Accordingly, the water system territory expanded to 56.28 lakh hectares. 

Water system productivity has likewise improved. Surface water for water system to develop crops expanded from 21 percent to 27 percent while 63 percent of the irrigable place where there is 76 lakh hectares has been brought under water system, the assertion added.