Magurartair’s blended organic product plantation: an example of overcoming adversity for others to imitate

Many individuals run to a blended organic product garden in Magurartair town of Bogura's Sherpur upazila consistently to see ready mangoes swinging from their branches as it is phenomenal throughout the colder time of year season. 

This is all gratitude to the endeavors of three people – Shahidul Islam, Mamunur Rashid and his sibling Sohel Reza – who went from humble beginnings to cultivating various assortments of organic product each season on their 40-bigha plantation. 

They have just sold 400 kilograms of the Katimon and BARI-11 assortments of mango at Tk 500 a kg during the progressing winter. 

Islam had made a trip to Malaysia in 2001 however in the long run got back to Bangladesh 7 years after the fact. From that point onward, he attempted to make money from various endeavors, including poultry and cows cultivating, however fizzled in his undertakings. 

He at that point attempted to re-visitation of Malaysia however was rather cheated out of his capital by a fake specialist. 

"In the wake of bombing in every one of these endeavors, I began a guava plantation on a 5-bigha plot in Magurartair town in 2013 and began making benefit," Islam said. 

Rashid and Reza, who hail from the locale's Vatra town, ultimately held hands with Islam in 2018 however before that, they excessively neglected to make money from different occupations. 

The pair finished their distinctions in social work from Bogura Government Azizul Haque College in 2010 and proceeded to complete their graduate degree in a similar control from Rajshahi College in 2011. 

Regardless of accomplishing great imprints in tests, none of them were effective in making sure about a solitary government or private work. 

This prompted two years of disappointment. In any case, at that point Rashid chose to help his dad, a neighborhood rancher, to acquaint safe vegetable development with their town. 

This was a defining moment for him as the Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) chose him as the nation's best rancher of 2013 for his commitment to safe vegetable development. 

Afterward, the public authority sent Rashid on a 7-day study visit to Thailand under Kasetsart University to figure out how organic product creation and the executives is done in that nation. 

After his return, Rashid and Reza began developing Thai assortments of guava on a 3-bigha plot in Vatra town. 

In 2016, they added 2 bighas to develop bari malta-1 close by the guavas. 

In the wake of knowing about the achievement the plantation had brought them, Islam visited the siblings. 

Since the time that portentous gathering, the triplet have attempted to grow their plantations and in 2018, they rented a 15-bigha plot in Magurartair town to develop a wide range of organic products. 

With the exhortation of the locale agriculture focus, they developed bari mango-11 on 4 bighas, banana mango on one bigha, gouromoti mango on three bighas and Thai assortment katimon mango on 18 bighas in 2019. 

In 2020, they developed kashmiri apple ber-1 on one bigha, kashmiri apple ber-2 on three bighas and Australian balsudari jujubes on 12 bighas. 

"In the wake of broadening the nursery, we gathered plants from the distinctive plant habitats in the nation," Rashid said. 

In 2020, they procured about Tk 35 lakh from the apples, guavas, malta and mangoes reaped in the plantation. 

"We additionally made Tk 12 lakh by offering various saplings to intrigued ranchers the nation over a year ago," Islam said. 

For their now 40-bigha plantation, Islam, Rashid and Reza have all things considered contributed around Tk 1 crore, which remembers Tk 20 lakh for credits taken from various banks and NGOs. 

"This year, we desire to collect jujube worth over Tk 75 lakh and different organic products worth around Tk 25 lakh," Reza said. 

"We trust we will get returns on our venture this year and from one year from now we will just appreciate benefits," he added. 

The thought behind running a blended organic products garden is to make benefits each season, as indicated by Rashid. 

In an offer to mimic the accomplishment of these three ranchers, others from various regions consistently visit the plantation to purchase saplings for their own manors. 

Among them is Abdus Salam of Chaknur town under Sirajganj's Raiganj upazila. 

"I caught wind of the Magurartair blended natural products plantation in 2018 and visited the spot right away. In 2019, I brought 250 apple plants, 100 Thai guava plants and 60 bits of bari malta plants for a 1.5 bigha garden," he said. 

In 2020, Salam gathered malta and guava worth Tk 90,000 from his ranch. 

"I used to visit the Magurartair garden routinely to find out about blended planting," he added. 

Md Samsu Mia of Korab town under Habiganj's Lakhai upazila said that he caught wind of the Bogura garden from YouTube and visited the nursery three months back to find out about blended planting. 

"I in the long run purchased 2,000 bits of katimon mango and developed them on 10 bighas of land three months prior," he added. 

Abdur Rahim, appointee overseer of the Bogura Horticulture Center under the DAE Bogura, said Rashid is a reformist rancher. 

The 40-bigha blended organic products garden in Magurartair town began making benefits inside 1.5 long periods of its beginning. 

They are developing organic products securely with no pesticides following the guidance of the region cultivation focus and are actualizing current innovation, Rahim said. 

The plantation likewise includes a 6-section of land blended organic product cultivating exhibition zone, which incorporates a 1-section of land for high thickness guava cultivating and 1-section of land for high thickness jujube cultivating, under the Year Round Fruit Production for Nutrition Improvement project. 

"Thusly, the grounds-keepers can collect a tremendous measure of natural products over time from a little zone of land while general individuals profit by the nourishment of new natural products throughout the year," Rahim added. 

Rashid disclosed to The Daily Star: "A huge number of taught adolescents in our nation are left looking for occupations for quite a long time and this makes joblessness issues." 

"We have reasonable land and have occasions to get advances and present day innovation. On the off chance that the informed individuals were more inspired by current cultivating, particularly in blended natural products development, their monetary issues would be gone and the nation's cultivating would get another look," he added.