Over Tk 140cr dispensed as advances to returnee traveler laborers: Expats government assistance serve

The Probashi Kalyan Bank has so far dispensed over Tk 140 crore from the Tk 700 crore extraordinary reintegration credit for transient specialists returning in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Expatriates' Welfare Minister Imran Ahmad said today. 

The sum – dispensed among July and December, 2020 – was uniquely about Tk 12 crore. In any case, dispensing got pace among January and March this year when advances of around Tk 130 crore were dispensed, the clergyman told the debut service of a two-day worldwide meeting on the reintegration of returnee transients. 

The priest trusted that credit dispensing will go over Tk 200 crore by June this year. 

Exile and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU), in a joint effort with Migrant Forum in Asia and British Council's undertaking 'Prokas', has coordinated the gathering on "Reintegration of Returnee Migrants influenced by the Covid-19 Pandemic". 

Tending to as boss visitor at the service, Imran Ahmad said about 4.28 lakh traveler laborers have gotten back somewhat recently in the midst of the pandemic. 

He said they have taken different activities for the returnees' reintegration, including unique credits and giving them acknowledgment of earlier learning (RPL) endorsement. 

Then again, about 1.44 lakh individuals have gone abroad over the most recent three months through the authority channel, he added. 

On internal settlement, the priest said till March of the progressing monetary year, the nation has gotten about US$ 18.4 billion. 

The sum is now higher than the US$ 18.2 billion that the nation got as settlement in the last monetary year, he said.